Blitz Brigade Hack

Blitz Brigade Hack and Game Review: Play For An Enjoyable Experience!

If you have enjoyed playing Team Fortress 2 online game then you will surely have a great time while playing Blitz Brigade game. It’s cute cartoony visuals and team-oriented gameplay has the capacity to keep you hooked to the screens. You will require Coins and Diamonds for upgrading your weapons, purchasing new arms, and power-ups that’s why we have created this awesome Blitz Brigade Hack.

Blitz Brigade Hack

The characters and environment of the game is impressive and pretty unique. Instead of simply changing the color of characters, there are two distinct models for each class. The controls of the game are simple and the gameplay has loads of maps, vehicles, weapons, etc. to keep you busy.

Blitz Brigade Hack

Numerous Weapons In Blitz Brigade:

blitz brigade weapons

Red Glare:

It is a primary weapon for all classes in the game. It can be obtained by playing 100 matches, and after reaching highest rank in the Gold Division. It is a very powerful weapon that has wall-piercing projectiles.

Last Word:

It is a primary weapon for the Sniper class. It is available at Level 60 and causes heavy damage. As compared to other sniper rifles, it has a very high ammo clip. By upgrading the Last Word, you will receive another ammo clip.


It is a primary weapon for Sniper Class, which is similar to Lovely Lisa but causes higher amount of damage and has a better range. It is one of the most powerful sniper rifles that have good ammo capacity.

Plasma Emitter:

It is a primary weapon for Medic Class, which can heal your team faster. Its rate of fire is decent and has good ammo capacity. As compared to other primary weapons of the Medic Class, the Plasma Emitter has a good range and can cause amazing damage.

Vampire’s Bite:

It is a primary weapon for Stealth Class, which has a high rate of fire and causes excellent damage. However, is has low ammo capacity and reserve. The reload is quick and will rarely make you vulnerable.

Most Important In-game Currency in Blitz Brigade:



If you want to purchase equipment in the game then you can do that by using Bundles. However, to purchase Bundles, you need to use Diamonds or real world money or of course using Blitz Brigade Hack. At the moment, listed below are the Bundles that are available in the game for your purchase:

    • Starter Pack can be bought for 150 Diamonds.
    • Elite Pack can be bought for 300 Diamonds.
    • SCI-FI Pack can be purchased for 750 Diamonds.
    • Cutting – Edge Pack can be purchased for 1,900 Diamonds.
    • Experimental Pack can be bought for 2,200 Diamonds. If this sound a lot for you, don’t worry our Blitz Brigade Hack will help you!
    • Demolisher Pack can be bought for 1,200 Diamonds.
    • Engineer Pack and Mystery Bundle have to be purchased by spending real money or using Blitz Brigade hack.

Consumables Available In Blitz Brigade:

A consumable is an item that is consumed when used. There are innumerable consumables available in the game. Some of them have been listed below:

Invincibility Tonic:

When you use this consumable, it will give you 5 seconds of immunity. Usually, players use this consumable when they charge into the opponent’s base in ‘Capture the Flag,’ so that they do not get killed while obtaining the flag.

Easter Egg:

It acts like a normal grenade but deal more damage and uses an explosive effect, which is similar to Firecracker and Auld Lang Syne. You can only buy these in a bunch of 5 and can purchase them during special periods of the year.


This consumable is similar to Easter Egg and Heart Attack consumables. These grenades can be purchased only during special periods of the year, irrespective of whether you own them or not.

Phoenix Insignia:

This consumable can reduce the re-spawn waiting time by three seconds. Thus, it will help you to get back into the fight soon. It costs 3000 Coins or 15 Diamonds. That’s really not much if you use Blitz Brigade Cheats!


It is a fragmentation grenade that has a skull and bones sign on it. When you use the grenade, it will explode after a set time. It can cause damage to enemies in the explosive radius. You can only purchase five at a time.

Various Game Modes in Blitz Brigade:

There are four game modes in Blitz Brigade. These are mentioned below:

Capture The Flag:

In this game mode, the objective of each team is to capture the opponent’s flag. This can be completed by bringing their flag to your base. When a team earns 12 or more points by capturing enemy flags, then it becomes the winner. If none of the teams are able to capture any flag, then the team with the most amounts of Experience Points will be the winner of the match.

Free For All:

In this game mode, the goal of each player is to make most number of kills as quickly as possible. The player that makes 30 kills first and the time runs out without anyone else reaching the limit then the player will become the winner. The time allotted in this game mode to reach the 30 kills’ goal is 5 minutes, which is too low to complete the allotted goal. A tip here is to use a powerful weapon with a lot of ammo.


In this game mode, the objective is to make 30 kills together as a team, before any other team achieves the goal. However, similar to the ‘Free For All’ game mode, there is a time limit to complete this objective. So, each team needs to work quickly to complete their goal and win in the game mode.


In the Domination game mode, the goal of each team is to acquire 99 points before any other team achieves the goal. It is quite difficult to achieve this goal, and this makes the game mode all the more interesting and engrossing one.

Vehicles Available In Blitz Brigade Game:

Blitz Chopper:

The Blitz Chopper is a deadly vehicle that can help in patrolling the skies effortlessly. You can use them to reach high places that are otherwise not accessible. It costs 50 Diamonds. It has 1750 HP and once it is upgraded, it has 3500 HP.


This vehicle is usually used for conveyance so that players can capture flags quickly in large maps. However, it can be destroyed easily by an enemy gunner, medic, and sniper. It also has the ability to hit enemies down, which highly increases when it is upgraded. This is the only vehicle in the game that has the ability to hold two persons – one is the driver and the other player stays on the back. This helps the player to shoot the turret gun effortlessly. It costs 15 Diamonds.


The vehicle is mounted with a heavy machine gun and missile launcher; thus, it is one of the most powerful vehicles in the game. It has 3500 HP and when it is upgraded then it has 7000 HP. The machine gun has the ability to shoot from large distances and is extremely precise. It costs 200 Diamonds and its upgrade cost is 150 Diamonds. As far as you know diamonds can be generated with Blitz Brigade hack, so you can enjoy all the cars.

Thunder Roller:

Commonly known as the Tank, the Thunder Roller has 2500 HP and 5000 HP, when upgraded. It is a powerful vehicle, but has a very slow speed. It usually travels to where the cannon are aiming. It costs 25 Diamonds. Players usually use this vehicle to aim at enemy groups so that they get a clear passage for their team.

Various Maps In Blitz Brigade Game:

blitz brigade

Malta Fort:

It is an extremely large and diverse map for Deathmatch and Domination. It has numerous surveillance towers and back alleys, that can provide tactical advantage to your players. Some of the important structures on this map are small houses, a light house area, a bunker with mounted machine gun, semi-destroyed fort, a giant, etc.

UFO Crash Site:

It is a small map where you can play all game modes. It features a walkway that revolves around a UFO, which has crashed. This is located in the middle of the map. There are some launch pads in the map that are very helpful for a player who has a weapon that deals with splash damage. This will help in clearing the opponents from the map and match.


It is a large map for Domination, Deathmatch, and CTF. In this map, there is a huge destructed cathedral in the middle of the map. There are some buildings and graves surrounding it. You can play in this map only during the night mode. Entering the cathedral is simple but you will surely end up being an easy target for the opponents.

Malta Docks:

It is a small map for Deathmatch, FFA, and CTF. The map is a small town that is situated near the sea and it has a beautiful coastline. You can enjoy the view of this beautiful map by standing on the roofs. The buildings in the map are closely constructed to each other, which can be a tactical advantage for both; you as well as your opponents.


Overall, Blitz Brigade is an engrossing game that has been created by Gameloft. It has acquired 4 out of 5 stars on the rating chart, so give it a shot and if you will combine Blitz Brigade hack together it will be 5/5 for sure!


 Blitz Brigade Hack